Smart Home

To provide safe and device verification and the integrated system by applying blockchain to IoT systems

Home controlling is made possible through
mobile devices (including wall pads)

  • Provide authentification at a level of accredited certificates through blockchain
  • Virtual networking allows secure IoT devices and prevents hacking
  • Home controlling system connected with intelligent wall pads and smart phones
  • Control home energy systems from distances including heating, electric, lighting,ventilating systems
  • Control and reserve for convenience of using public spaces including parking lots and elevators through smart phones
  • Provide security services based on CCTV footage data in the vicinity
  • Provide various informations for package arrival, parking locations and also alarm features
  • Improve user convenience through designs based on better UX

Smart Office

Optimize space use, improve comfort and employee experience, enhance productivity, and reduce facility service costs.

Our Space-People-Devices model can achieve the best work efficiency through a shared combination of resources.

Derive actionable insights through intuitive dashboards with data from IoT sensors and systems. Employees can connect to their smart offices in efficient, convenient ways using office mobile apps.

Smart IoT ecosystem that relies on a number of connected devices that, in general, monitor, control, and manage various operations and working conditions.

  • Mobile-based technology eliminating non-essential, routine tasks, and promoting productivity
  • Based on the actual data collected
  • Eliminates the inefficiencies of office space operations
  • All facilities and user management is more effective
  • Provide convenience/efficiency/flexibility through upgrading work environment based on AI/IoT solutions

Smart Factory

Based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), insight for manufacturing sites and Digital Transformation provide the Total Smart Factory solution as a package, which allows rapid production setup, and respond to manufacturing demands.

  • MES(Manufacturing Execution System)
  • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • PLM(Product Life Cycle Management)
  • SCM(Supply Chain Management)
  • FA Equipment Systems (Manufacturing equipment, sensors, controllers, production systems, etc)
  • Networks (M2M/IoT) and FA security
  • Safety Systems (Secure the cooperative of every device in the Smart Factory)
  • Intelligent Controllers (Next generation controllers for FA equipment Systems)
  • Personal computer based open controllers (PC based flexibility and scalability NW, Modules)
  • IoT-based Smart Sensors

Expected Effect

Manufacturing Cost Reduction

  • Optimize production plans
  • Sensoring → statistics → reflection
  • Reflect big data in production planning(real-time)

Work Process Improvement

  • Manage mobile orders
  • Produce quotations automatically
  • Issuing documents automatically such as test results

Higher Response Capability

  • Check real-time ordering
  • Track/Analyze claims
  • Precisely manage real time
  • Prevent quality issues

Smart Facility

Smart Facilities can include any public and private buildings and stadiums throughout the globe. We can enhance the efficiency of operating these facilities in many ways including energy efficiency, security, cleanliness, and other general functionalities.





Smart City

A complex and methodical system offering a “Construction and IT convergence” experience. Leverage Flash Labs and Black Buffalo capabilities or bring existing infrastructure into the IoT blockchain age.